Album review: Theory of a Deadman, Gasoline (2005)


By Steve Newton

Sometimes you can get an impression of just how lame a record is by simply reading the song titles. If the artist or band under review can’t even think of titles that haven’t been used before, it’s a sign of trouble. On Gasoline, North Delta guitar rockers Theory of a Deadman borrow song names from Aerosmith (“No Surprise”), Everclear (“Santa Monica”), Rainbow (“Since You’ve Been Gone”), and even Vanessa Williams (“Save the Best for Last”).

When you crack open the disc and give it a listen, you quickly realize that the group’s lack of imagination carries over to the aural contents as well. Gasoline shows TOAD to be one of those grungey, one-note acts that make Nickelback and Creed sound inventive. (I guess it’s no surprise, then, that the band is signed to Nickelback leader Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records.)

As well as the tedious guitar-bass-drum noise, the lyrics get tiresome mighty fast, focusing as they do on endless complaints about women–or one woman in particular. “She fills my bed with gasoline,” guitarist-vocalist Tyler Connolly sings here; “Instead of kissing her lips, I wanna staple them shut,” he croons there. On “No Surprise”, Connolly bellows: “It ain’t no surprise that that bitch is leaving me”.

Dude, maybe she got around to hearing your music.

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