Album review: Headpins, Line of Fire (1983)


By Steve Newton

If you liked the scorching guitar, howling vocals, and sturdy bass and drums projected on the Headpin’s debut album last year, their new one, Line of Fire, should also be enjoyed. But if you were hoping this popular local band might develop a few new musical directions, forget it.

The song’s remained the same.

If I hadn’t already been listening to Turn It Loud on and off for the last year, I’d probably think differently, but now that I’ve become accustomed to the Headpins’ driving brand of rock, eight more songs in that same style don’t impress.

There are, mind you, some worthy moments on Line of Fire, such as Brian “Too Loud” MacLeod’s keyboard and guitar solos on “I Know What You’re Thinking”. He’s got all the Van Halen-ish neck-tapping tricks down pat, and is mighty handy at bending strings for maximum effect.

“Celebration” sounds to me like it would be a good choice for a single as it brings to the new album some of the party-time insistence of last year’s “Don’t It Make You Feel”, and “Double Trouble” is heavily cool–rowdy and menacing like good hard rock should be.

The album’s final cut is also reminiscent of Turn It Loud, in particular the song “People”. As in that song, MacLeod mellows out about three-quarters of the way through and then goes completely bonkers when Bryant’s descending bass runs push him to it. Strangely enough, the title of the song is “I’ve Heard It All Before”.

And I have.



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