Blues-rocker David Gogo tweets photo of himself with Canadian comedy legend Blair MacLean

By Steve Newton

I love following Nanaimo blues-rocker David “King of Boogie” Gogo on Twitter.

About an hour or so ago Gogo tweeted a photo of himself playing acoustic guitar while bearded Blair MacLean–one-half of the legendary Canadian musical-comedy duo MacLean and MacLean–looks on.

“Throwback Thursday!!”, wrote Gogo in the tweet. “Hotel room hang with Blair from MacLean And MacLean, giving his Martin a spin. Those boys were funny as hell and great guys!!”

I wholeheartedly agree with Gogo on that: MacLean and MacLean used to crack me up with their ribald, X-rated albums back in the ’80s.

I was particularly fond of the Go to Hell LP of 1983, which included the rude and raunchy track, “Whoreofasorethroat”. Those who are easily offended by explicit lyrics might want to give this one a pass, but those who don’t give a fvck are welcome to it:

R.I.P. Gary and Blair MacLean…and long live the King of Boogie!

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