Tim Dillon’s raunchy comedy cracks ’em up in Vancouver

I scored my son tickets to see his fave comedian, Tim Dillon, at Just For Laughs Vancouver. So he decided to write about it. – Newt

By Danny Newton

In tattered sneakers, sweat shorts, and a neon-yellow hoodie, Tim Dillon made his return to Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre last Friday (February 24), his first local appearance since February of 2020.

Dillon is best known for his podcast, The Tim Dillon Show, in which he tackles politics, controversial topics, and world events. On Friday he delivered his signature brand of anger-fueled, raunchy commentary on homelessness in L.A., transsexual kids, and the war in Ukraine.

The audience roared as he took the stage, delivering hot takes through foul-mouthed jokes. His bit about L.A.’s homeless crisis involved a lot of physical comedy as he attempted to imitate the motions of crackheads going about their day. He pointed out L.A.’s failure to house the needy by laying the blame on those in power, and throughout the show he quoted actual data to support his points and give his audience a reality check.

Dillon’s crowd work was snappy and enjoyable; during his Ukraine portion he asked the crowd “Can you even name a Ukrainian food?” A tipsy audience member responded with “perogies!” and was swiftly countered by Dillon with “Those are Polish!”, which resulted in big laughs.

Tim Dillon is a very self-aware comic, with material to prove it. I’m looking forward to attending another show in the future and seeing what type of social topics and global situations will make their way into his material.

To hear more of Tim Dillon’s comedy check out his podcasts on all platforms, including YouTube, and his previous appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience.

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