That time Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi told me what he thought of Megadeth, Metallica, and Pantera

By Steve Newton

Back in March of 2007 I did my second interview with Tony Iommi, who was about to kick off a nine-month global tour with the Ronnie James Dio-fronted Heaven and Hell. (The band had changed its name from Black Sabbath, which it had previously recorded and toured under, to differentiate it from the Ozzy Osbourne-led Sabbath lineup at the time.)

The Canadian dates of the Heaven and Hell Tour featured opening acts Megadeth and Down, so at one point in the conversation I asked Iommi what he thought of Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine’s previous band, Metallica, and also if he was a fan of Down singer Phil Anselmo’s former group, Pantera.

Turns out Iommi liked ’em all.

Have a listen:

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