That time I went to see Goddo and got bonked on the head by a bass

Just came across an old newspaper ad for a run of shows by Ontario power trio Goddo at fabled Vancouver nightspot the Body Shop.

That little clipping–which I found on the Facebook group Rocking Vancouver – A Visual Recollection Of Vancouvers Rock Concert Scene–got me thinking of that time I went to see Goddo at the Body Shop and got accidentally clubbed in the head by rambunctious bassist Greg Godovitz’s instrument.

It must have been in the late seventies sometime when me and a couple of buddies drove in from Chilliwack to see the show. We were big fans of Goddo’s second album, 1978’s Who Cares, which featured rowdy tunes like “Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)”, “Too Much Carousing”, and “Sweet Thing”.

I remember we were sitting right next to the stage–I mean literally inches from it–and Godovitz, guitarist Gino Scarpelli, and drummer Doug Inglis were totally rockin’ the joint.

Then I noticed some guy standing up in the crowd was interacting with Godovitz, and not in a good way. When this heckler gave him the finger, that was it for Godovitz–he quickly stripped off his bass and leapt out into the audience to have it out with the dude.

I don’t remember much about the actual scrap, because I was too busy recovering from getting clubbed in the head by Godovitz’s four-string as he threw it off. He bonked me pretty good, but nothing that a couple more Zombies couldn’t take care of.

I liked Goddo even more after that.

UPDATE, May 7, 2023: Just heard from Greg Godovitz through Facebook, and he says that it wasn’t his bass but his guitar that he dropped on my head during “Let That Lizard Loose”. So I’m gonna trust him on that. He also mentioned that there’s a Best of Goddo coming soon and a box set including a remix of the first album by legendary producer Eddie Kramer. All hail Goddo!

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