Old-school Romantics revive the spirit of Cavern Club-era Beatles in Vancouver


By Steve Newton

Before checking out he Romantics’ show last weekend, I couldn’t remember what their fourth hit single was. I could recall tunes like “Talking in Your Sleep”, “One in a Million”, and “What I Like About You”, but that’s basically it.

I remember thumping my dashboard and pumping the gas pedal to the band’s infectious brand of early-’80s pop rock, but it wasn’t till the group launched into their third or fourth song on Saturday (May 20) that the elusive number came back to me.

It’s called “Rock You Up”.

And that’s exactly what the Beatlesque band did to the Commodore crowd–got them up and rockin’ for the group’s entire set of ’50s classics and original pop gems.

They play like the Fab Four during their Cavern Club days, but with the amps on 11 in true Spinal Tap fashion. Their energy level didn’t falter once, and their “no ballads” approach went over well with all in attendance.

Why, this aging cretin of a rock writer even got up there during “That’s What I Like About You” to shake loose a few crusty tail feathers.

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