Ontario’s Breit Bros. deliver the musical goods at the Town Pump

chris cameron photo


By Steve Newton

When a band has only one album out, it’s tough for it to play a whole set–unless it plays a bunch of cover tunes, or maybe throws in a half-hour drum solo.

In the Breit Bros.‘ case, they played a couple of songs twice, but no one was complaining. Tunes like “Going Down” and “Slow Train” bear up well under repeated listenings.

For the latter tune, brother Kevin pulled out his vintage 1932 National steel guitar, proving that Johnny Winter isn’t the only guy lucky enough to own one–or be able to play the heck out of it.

Singer Gary–looking a lot like actor Kevin Bacon–quickly stepped over to his keyboard to riff out with fellow keys-man Ron Reid, while Gary’s twin Garth laid down the percussion, and bassist Ian de Souza kept up with his funky thumb-pounding.

They’re a steamin’ ensemble when they get rolling, and at the Town Pump on Thursday (May 25) the brothers from McKerrow, Ontario, gathered little moss, churning out tunes from their debut album, a few unreleased originals, and a cover of the Rolling Stones‘ “You Gotta Move”, which they learned on the bus from Victoria earlier that day.

The Bros. dedicated “Wide World” to the folks at their record label, BMG, who have been working hard in the past few weeks to keep the band in the public eye.

Then Kevin brought out an autoharp for some pretty plucking on “Magdalene”, a beautiful ballad that should be a good choice for the next single (though there’s several other potential hits on the LP).

On “Feel My Body Shakin'” Kevin got a chance to crank up his Telecaster and blast it full-force through his Marshall stack, showcasing the guitar-playing talents he’s honed while backing up some of Toronto’s top recording acts.

Throughout the Breit Bros. performance one got the feeling that this was a band that really loves and feels its music–there wasn’t one iota of posturing or fakery.

These guys really believe in what they’re doing.

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