Horror review: Cell 213

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, JUNE 8, 2011 By Steve Newton There's a scene near the beginning of Cell 213 where one of the inmates at the dilapidated South River State Penitentiary is performing his duties as an embalmer—yes, the murderers here moonlight as undertakers—and making small talk with a guard. While draining the blood from a corpse, … Continue reading Horror review: Cell 213

Horror review: Boogeyman

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, FEB. 10, 2005 The credits for Boogeyman screenwriter Eric Kripke, director Stephen Kay, and star Barry Watson aren't overly impressive. Kripke wrote for and helped develop the cheesecake TV series Tarzan, Kay directed a routine Sylvester Stallone vehicle, Get Carter--after penning the widely reviled remake of the The Mod Squad--while the main entry in Watson's bio … Continue reading Horror review: Boogeyman