Album review: Spinal Tap, Back From the Dead (2009)

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, JULY 23, 2009 By Steve Newton I was never a huge Spinal Tap fan. Sure, I chuckled along with everyone else when Nigel Tufnel’s guitar amp went to 11, and when mutton-chopped bassist Derek Smalls got trapped on stage in that giant pod prop. The idea of an exploding … Continue reading Album review: Spinal Tap, Back From the Dead (2009)

Horror review: Haunted Castle

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, OCT. 7, 2004 The media kit for this new 3-D horror flick includes a copy of a fax sent out by the IMAX Corporation to the more than 200 giant-screen theatres owning or leasing an IMAX projection system. In the notice an IMAX executive warns: "We are extremely concerned that the … Continue reading Horror review: Haunted Castle