Lemmy doc profiles Motörhead’s “motherf***er” Kilmister

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, OCT. 16, 2010 By Steve Newton The movie's tagline reads: "49% motherf**ker. 51% son of a bitch", so you know it's gotta be about Motörhead bassist-vocalist Lemmy Kilmister. Lemmy is the feature-length documentary about the life and career of British metal legend Kilmister, which gets its U.K. premiere at the London … Continue reading Lemmy doc profiles Motörhead’s “motherf***er” Kilmister

Horror review: Hardware

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, OCT. 25, 1990 By Steve Newton The advance press on British writer/director Richard Stanley’s futuristic thriller, Hardware, was enough to get any horror/sci-fi fan foaming at the mouth. “Ferocious, stylish, and hallucinatory,” wrote horror auteur Clive Barker. “As terrifying as Alien,” blubbered US magazine. “The best science-fiction horror film … Continue reading Horror review: Hardware

A Solo Todd Kerns Is Open to Beautiful Disasters

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, NOV. 10, 2004 By Steve Newton Strolling into the living room of Todd Kerns's Burnaby townhouse is a bit like entering a '70s-rock museum. The first thing you see is an array of fine electric guitars, including an AC/DC--style Gibson SG; the second is a set of Kiss action figures atop … Continue reading A Solo Todd Kerns Is Open to Beautiful Disasters