Horror review: Oldboy

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, NOV. 27, 2013 Hard-core fans of the original Oldboy likely had two main concerns about the 2003 South Korean shocker’s Hollywood remaking. They probably wondered why anyone would screw with the ultraviolent masterpiece in the first place. And also why—when the flick had Tarantino written all over it—Spike Lee was doing the screwing. … Continue reading Horror review: Oldboy

Horror review: The Call

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, MARCH 15, 2013 After seeing Halle Berry's ridiculous performance in 2003's godawful Gothika I didn't have high hopes for her latest Hollywood thriller. But boy, what a pleasant--as in terrifying--surprise. The Call deserves all the gushy hyperbole ("electrifying", "white-knuckle", "pulse-pounding") a critic can muster. The movie opens with Berry, as 911 operator Jordan Turner, fielding … Continue reading Horror review: The Call