Horror review: Hellraiser III–Hell on Earth

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, NOV. 12, 1992 By Steve Newton In 1987, the mind of multi-talented British horror icon Clive Barker graced the screen with the formidable presence of Pinhead, the refined leader of a gang of sado-masochistic demons from hell. As played by veteran stage actor Doug Bradley, Pinhead was evil personified, … Continue reading Horror review: Hellraiser III–Hell on Earth

Horror review: Stan Helsing

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, OCT. 21, 2009 In this low-budget, Vancouver- and Surrey-shot parody of the cornball Scary Movie franchise, Steve Howey from TV’s Reba stars as Stan Helsing, a joint-smoking, slacker video-store clerk (is there any other kind?) who’s just finishing up a shift at Schlockbuster and plans on heading to a Halloween bash. But before getting off … Continue reading Horror review: Stan Helsing