Horror review: The Return

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, NOV. 15, 2006 The Return isn’t a great horror film by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, there’s a fair whack of imagination-stretching required to make it through the movie’s 85 minutes. But it’s just so damn refreshing to see a modern fright flick that isn’t bursting with hyperkinetic edits, … Continue reading Horror review: The Return

Horror review: The Grudge

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, OCT. 28, 2004 There's little doubt that the critical and commercial success of The Ring--Gore Verbinski's 2002 Hollywood remake of the hit Japanese horror flick Ringu--had a lot to do with The Grudge getting the Tinseltown treatment. Directed by Takashi Shimizu, it's a remake of his own Japanese blockbuster, Ju-On: The Grudge, and the parallels between … Continue reading Horror review: The Grudge