Horror review: The Hitcher

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, JAN. 24, 2007 Back in 1986, when many Vancouverites were preoccupied with the pricey pomp of Expo, a nasty little horror flick called The Hitcher slithered into town. It quickly vanished off mainstream radar screens, but fright fanatics who happened to catch its split-second theatrical run knew they’d uncovered a gleaming … Continue reading Horror review: The Hitcher

Horror review: Stay Alive

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, MARCH 30, 2006 The video-game industry has spawned several action-oriented horror flicks in recent years, ranging from the mediocre (Resident Evil) to the pointless (House of the Dead) to the downright putrid (Alone in the Dark). Stay Alive takes a different tack than those in that its plot isn't built around … Continue reading Horror review: Stay Alive