Horror review: The Haunting

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, JULY 29, 1999 I remember seeing the original Haunting when I was a kid, and it scared the stuffing out of me, mostly because of what director Robert Wise didn’t show in his 1963 haunted-house study. The scene I recall most vividly is that of a terrified Julie Harris … Continue reading Horror review: The Haunting

Horror review: The Conjuring

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, JULY 18, 2013 Aiming to impress horror freaks, the poster for The Conjuring boasts “from the director of Saw and Insidious”, which was a much wiser choice than “from the writers of The Reaping”. But the fact remains that the team of director James Wan and scripters Chad and Carey Hayes comes up short with this demonic-possession … Continue reading Horror review: The Conjuring

Horror review: The Woman in Black

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, FEB. 1, 2012 By Steve Newton One of the first movies to freak me out as a kid was The Haunting, a 1963 fright flick about a group of paranormal investigators studying an ominous mansion. Robert Wise’s black-and-white ghost story is a masterful study in less-is-more horror, where the fear comes mostly … Continue reading Horror review: The Woman in Black