Led Zeppelin box gets you the best of Zep on tape or CD for one nominal price



By Steve Newton

So you’re all upset because over the years you’ve invested $200 into your mint collection of Led Zeppelin LPs, only to turn around and find that vinyl is going the way of the dodo.

Well, quit your bawling, ’cause now you can get the best of Zep on tape or CD for one nominal price.

Page and Plant chose the tunes themselves, and came up with a cross-section of tracks from Zeppelin’s 10 albums that offers as good a representation of the band as you’re likely to squeeze onto four cassettes or CDs.

Personally, I was glad to see a strong contingent of tunes from my fave Zep album, Physical Graffiti, although I can’t figure out why one of that double-disc’s best tracks, “The Rover”, didn’t make it on.

The inclusion of one or two unreleased and/or remixed items is no big drawing card, except for rabid Zeppites, who will also be pleased with a picture-packed booklet that sports essays on the band by noted critics Cameron Crowe, Robert Palmer, and Kurt Loder.

Sure, die-hard Zep fans with money to blow could go out and get all 10 of the band’s releases on CD. But this new boxed set makes that a rather rash move.

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