That time Gord Downie wanted to meet in person and I turned him down, feeling like a bit of a knob

By Steve Newton

Regrets? I’ve had a few.

Like that time Gord Downie called me up for a phone interview in January of ’95 and the first thing he asked was whether I’d rather wait and talk to him in person when he arrived in Vancouver the next day.

He sounded like he wanted to meet, but I just wanted to get the conversation down on tape, transcribe it, and start writing the article, desperate for that next freelance cheque.

I probably should have taken a couple hours off work and gone and met him, but we all make mistakes.

Have a listen:


Anyway, fine fellow that he was, Gord didn’t hold a grudge after I shunned the face-to-face, because he gave me two more interviews after that, in July of ’95 and again in November of ’96, when I actually did get to hang with him in person at a private party the band threw after a Vancouver gig.

So it all worked out okay.









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