Another WolfCop is way better than WolfCop, but still pretty awful


By Steve Newton

Apparently, quite a few people thought WolfCop–the 2014 horror-comedy about an alcoholic werewolf policeman battling ancient shapeshifters in smalltown Canada–was an okay movie. It holds a “Fresh” rating of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes, with some critics seeing it as an entertaining throwback to the cheap direct-to-video gore efforts of the ’80s.

I wasn’t one of those critics; I failed to see any charm in the braindead dialogue and weak acting. My negative review even resulted in one of the WolfCop producers shooting off an irate email that explained in detail why my opinion sucked.

My personal slagging of WolfCop wasn’t the silver bullet required to put the hairy beast out of its misery, though, because writer-director Lowell Dean just followed it up with Another WolfCop. The good news is that the sequel is vastly superior to the original. The bad news is that it’s still pretty awful.

The plot this time revolves around an evil millionaire businessman (Murdoch Mysteries‘ Yannick Bisson), who’s about to reopen a hockey rink/brewery in the wee burgh of Woodhaven (actually Regina and Sudbury). He’s also promoting a new product, Chicken Milk Stout, so we get to see slumming American filmmaker-podcaster Kevin Smith holler the drink’s new slogan “Slam a cold cock!” in a cameo as the town’s interim mayor.

About a quarter of the way through Another WolfCop the best thing about the franchise–it’s old-school, practical creature and gore effects–get showcased in a manic sequence that connects a gooey werewolf transformation, grisly deaths in a strip club, and a belly-bursting scene in which a green, Ghoulies-type mini-monster erupts from the gut of perpetually stunned moron Willie (Jonathan Cherry), best bud of titular lycanthrope Lou Garou (Leo Fafard).

This bulbous, bug-eyed protuberance actually provides the funniest lines in the film, cracking wise with a barrage of rude oneliners. And once it detaches itself from Willie and scurries away you start thinking that maybe Dean’s script was inspired somewhat by 2013’s Bad Milo!the first poo-based “ass demon” movie ever made.

That’s not a compliment.

All the lowbrow action culminates in a blood-drenched hockey game where ’80s Canuck hitmaker Gowan plays a demented organist named Organo who sings a psycho version of the national anthem before a gun-toting Willie says: “It’s time to die, you strange animal.”

Get it?

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