Horror review: Gothika

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, NOV. 27, 2003 I got my first hint that Gothika might be a bad movie from the hokey newspaper ad, which depicts a shocked and dishevelled-looking Halle Berry staring out from behind a pane of wet glass, the words not alone carved across the underside of her forearm. Then … Continue reading Horror review: Gothika

Horror review: Ghost Ship

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, OCT. 31, 2002 By Steve Newton The folks at Hollywood’s Dark Castle Entertainment just don’t know when to give up. After nauseating viewers big time with their lamebrained haunted-house remakes, Thir13en Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill, they’re now polluting the high seas with this dead-in-the-water combo of The … Continue reading Horror review: Ghost Ship

Horror review: The Apparition

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, AUG. 25, 2012 I had my doubts about The Apparition as soon as I found out it was from Dark Castle Entertainment, the same production company behind such godawful horror flicks as Gothika, Ghost Ship, The Reaping, and Orphan. Not an impressive track record by anyone's standards. And it turns out my trepidation was well based, … Continue reading Horror review: The Apparition

Horror review: House of Wax

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, MAY 12, 2005 By Steve Newton I didn't have high hopes for House of Wax, an extremely loose adaptation of the 1953 Vincent Price horror classic. For starters, Paris Hilton is in it. Then there's the fact that it's a product of Dark Castle Entertainment, the company behind crappy "reimaginings" of … Continue reading Horror review: House of Wax