Rings makes hairball-horror history

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, FEB. 3, 2017 By Steve Newton Rings is the first horror flick I've seen since Cheeto Mussolini and his treacherous gang of fear-mongering scuzzballs got access to the nuclear codes, so, relatively speaking, how fucking scary could it be? Not very. You may recall director Gore Verbinski's original The Ring of … Continue reading Rings makes hairball-horror history

Horror review: Dark Water

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, JULY 14, 2005 Dark Water is a remake of a Japanese horror film of the same name by Hideo Nakata, the same guy who directed Ringu, and there are similarities to that flick's Americanized version, The Ring. But instead of a cursed videotape that brings death to its viewers, Dark Water … Continue reading Horror review: Dark Water