Horror review: Disturbing Behavior

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, JULY 30, 1998 By Steve Newton With the abundance of failed horror-thrillers made in Vancouver (Hideaway, Watchers, Needful Things), I wasn’t expecting the locally shot Disturbing Behavior to be anything special. And it isn’t, really. But it does boast an impressive cast and some keen direction, and—considering its stable … Continue reading Horror review: Disturbing Behavior

Horror review: Straw Dogs

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, SEPT. 16, 2011 By Steve Newton In this remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial 1971 payback epic starring Dustin Hoffman, pretty-boy Hollywood screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) and his sexy actor wife, Amy (Kate Bosworth), power their sleek silver Jag into the Mississippi burgh of Blackwater. They are there to fix up … Continue reading Horror review: Straw Dogs

Horror review: The Box

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, NOV. 6, 2009 By Steve Newton “Button, Button”, the 1970 Richard Matheson tale on which The Box is based, is only 10 pages long, but that didn’t stop Hollywood from turning it into a 115-minute sci-fi abomination complete with solid cubes of water that transport people around, hordes of automatons with bleeding noses, … Continue reading Horror review: The Box