Horror review: Twilight

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, NOV. 21, 2008 Stephenie Meyer’s series of four romantic vampire novels—of which 2005’s Twilight was the first—have proven incredibly popular among teens. But unless you’re a 14-year-old girl who gets all giddy at the thought of cute boys and first love, steer clear of Thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke’s anemic adaptation. Kristen … Continue reading Horror review: Twilight

Horror review: The Messengers

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, FEB. 7, 2007 Kristen Stewart is only 16, yet she’s already getting typecast as the sullen teen who moves with her big-city parents to spooky, dilapidated old homes in the country. She did it in 2003’s clunky Cold Creek Manor, and she’s doin’ it again as The Messengers’ Jess, a Chicagoan … Continue reading Horror review: The Messengers