Poltergeist is scary loud, not scary good

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, MAY 22, 2015 By Steve Newton The first clue that Poltergeist might suck is the toothy skull presented at the start to signify that it's from Ghost House Pictures. That's the company that gave us such questionable crap as 2004's The Grudge and 2007's The Messengers. Mind you, Ghost House did shape up and deliver 2009's … Continue reading Poltergeist is scary loud, not scary good

Horror review: Joshua

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON STRAIGHT.COM, JULY 18, 2007 Now here's a certifiable nightmare maker for people with young kids. Anyone who's ever heard (or just imagined) troubling sounds coming from a fuzzy baby monitor or fretted while their fifth-grader traversed a big-city crosswalk will have their nerves seriously jangled by Joshua. It's a wonderfully absorbing shocker … Continue reading Horror review: Joshua